SHIZEN’NA (自然な) in japanese means NATURAL.


The decorative design is only functional in sight; if the smell does not accompany, the visual aesthetic ceases to make sense.

SHIZENNA SL is a company based on the belief that a better world is possible and our tool to contribute is through our knowledge of nature, applying the properties and benefits that plants, citrus fruit and flowers give us, through of the purity of its interior, of its own essential oils that, in diffusion, clean and soften the air we breathe in closed spaces, in a totally natural way.

Our way of seeing life is through nature, taking advantage of the richness that it gives us as it is without adding synthetic components that, although they can make it cheaper, they also make it harmful. Conserving the elements that nature gives us in their own state, brings us closer to the essence of life and makes us more consistent with the principles of creation itself.

Respect for the environment and contribution of benefit to the environment through natural aromas, to give and receive well-being through parameters of sustainability, social awareness and, of course, love. Love is essential for people to understand each other, help each other and make life easier and more enjoyable. The more love, the more happiness. The more happiness, the more well-being.

Our leader of design of aromas, Montse Nart,, aromatologist and perfumer, gathers from all productive land the immaculate essences of its plants, flowers and fruits, to configure impeccable aromas, extracted from the conjunction between nature and the love she has for it.

A graduate in international marketing and an expert in textile printing, she gathers the strength that a world full of colors, natural fibers and knowledge of various world cultures has given her, to create collections of pure aromas inspired by aspects of life that respond to a relationship between the environment, the colors it gives off and the specific function that an aroma should have.

Essential oils have several properties that depend on their characteristics of origin and Montse takes advantage of them to create synergies (blends or mixtures) that provide all their benefits, their special point of attraction that makes the environment, basically, captivating in every way; as she says, even to the touch, because to feel, it is not essential to touch if you can feel it.

In the technical part, we have the collaboration of Esteve Gomila, Ethnobotanist and Aromatologist, who, from the Parque de los Olores de Búger, in Mallorca, advises us on all the part of the cultivation, growth and distillation of plants, with new sustainable and water-saving techniques

And at the executive area, Jordi Castellet, chief executive, brings more than forty years of professional experience in various sectors, but basically in textiles, where he led the business and creative management of an accessories company. With knowledge of marketing, global market and commerce, he was vice president of the Barcelona Garment Association and president of the PIMEC textile sector. In Shizenna he is also in charge of making the strength and properties of essential oils felt and understood with intangible means that do not allow their inhalation, such as the internet or graphic images.

To get where we are and go much further, at Shizen'na we have collaborators, prescribers and sales delegations in the territory:


Com de Casa (Cleaning and maintenance services - Sales area: Vallès)

Esther Torras (Orderologist - Area Sales: Barcelonés )

Esteve Gomila (Ethnobotany - Contact Mallorca area:

GIRONA: direct sales at our store at 1 Argenteria Street of the Barri Vell

Special collaborations:

Laia Requena: (Image, design & Packaging)

Eudald Pla (Corporate Design)

Pol Antúnez (Anthropologist)

Marisa Corres (Architect)

Gina Castellet (Communication)

Ratafia Russet (Aromatic essences)

A9 Arquitectura (Show Room design)

Mateu Castellet (Spaces designer)

Jan Antúnez (Product and Audiovisual producer)